Jonas Brüggen

Webdesign, Development, Photography

About Webdevelopment

After more than six years of working as a programmer for a local energy company in Cologne, I quit my job and decidet to travel long-term. During my travels, I'm doing a lot of volunteer work, but since webdesign has always been my main professional interest, I started freelancing in this Area.

I have about eight years of experience with webdevelopment and I have gotten more serious around 2017. Since my career was set in a big company, my professional background is mostly in process automation with Big-Data and focuses on performance and stability, as well as encryption and security. From my personal interests, Design and Layout always played an important role.

I started working and studying at the same time as part of a "Dual-Program" in 2011.
I have a professional certification as a Systemintegrator, meaning Network-Design and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Sciences with IT consulting and project management as a main focus.
As I was and still am more interested in hands-on work, I skipped the Masters degree.

You can check out my work in the projects section. If you're Interested, just contact me with the form below, or message me on Skype or WhatsApp.
I will be working remotely, but that poses no complications in my line of work.

About Photography

I started photography as a hobby around 2015. Because of my travels, my main focus lies on landscape and nature photography. You can view a small selection of my work in the portfolio section, the majority of pictures can be found in my personal travelblog. If you're interested in using my pictures, please don't hesitate to contact me, all of my pictures are available in a better quality!



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