Jonas Brüggen

Webdesign, Development, Photography


Homepage and registration form for the biodiversity conference 2019 from the national botanical garden in Georgia

Wordpress frontend with customized registration-backend, database-storage and automatic data extraction to their local systems.

Georgia, 2018

Portfolio from professional cameraman and photographer Julian Kolb from Cologne.

Highly customized, individual homepage, mostly done with AngularJS and jQuery, custom CMS, lightweight and professional dynamic content.

Germany, 2017

When I'm not doing webdesign, I travel the world and take pictures.

Default Wordpress page with a bit of customization.

Germany, 2016

Blog-Style Homepage for the scouting group "Dom Hélder Câmara" from Cologne.

Customized Wordpress-page, extended features and a nextcloud instance for the club-members.

Germany, 2016


Photography became an important part of my life around 2015. My main focus lies on landscape and nature photography, as I tend to spend a lot of time outside. Here you can see a small selection of my work.

If you're interested in using my pictures or hiring me as a photographer, please don't hesitate to contact me, all of my pictures are available in a better quality and free to use!

About Me

After more than six years of working as a middleware developer for a local energy company in Cologne, I decided it's time to break out of my comfort zone. I'm mostly doing volunteer work, but since webdesign has always been my main professional interest, I started freelancing in this area.

I have about eight years of experience with webdevelopment and I have gotten more serious around 2017. Since my career was set in a big company, my professional background lies mostly in process automation with big-data and focuses on performance and stability, as well as encryption and security. From my personal interests, design and layout always played an important role.

I started working and studying at the same time as part of a "Dual-Program" in 2011.
I have a professional certification as a Systemintegrator, meaning Network-Design and a degree in Computer Sciences with IT consulting and project management as a main focus.

If you're Interested in my work, just contact me with the form below, or message me on Skype or WhatsApp.


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